Fully Modded Survivor: Diamond City Ambush


Diamond City Ambush

Fully Modded Survivor is a Fallout 4 series in which I share my love of the modded Survival Mode experience. If you haven’t checked out the mod guide, get your game up to snuff – now! All the DLC for Fallout 4 is out, which makes now (or when it’s slightly cheaper) the perfect time to get into Bethesda’s latest RPG shooter. Recently, I’ve restarted the game with all the mods active, and have been streaming my experiences on Facebook.

Meet Dina

My latest vixen of the vault, Dina, is a Fully Modded Survivor with a charisma score of ten. Previously, her smooth talking ways haven’t helped her too much, as in the last episode she lost all her gear in a horrible Brotherhood of Steel tidying accident.  More on that in the video. (Basically, I hid all my stuff in a place that was “cleaned” when I was away from it)

In this episode, I breeze through all the speech checks in Diamond City and try to collect as many quests as possible! In the end, I try to adventure out into the night to see if I can’t complete some of my objectives. Spoiler alert: I get eviscerated by a mirelurk.

In part two the violence continues! Check it out!

About Cory Thompson

Cory Adam Thompson (CAT) is an Asheville, NC based writer with a passion for PC gaming, cooperative experiences, and dumplings.

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