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Dire Vengeance is a retro 2D action platform video game inspired by classics like Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden and Ghouls ‘n Ghosts.

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Dire Vengeance is a 2D action platformer where the player takes control of Pandora, a warrior that must decide the fate of her world by venturing into the heart of the Devil Realm to strike down the Eight Generals of Damnation, led by a demonic force of pure destruction.

Equipped with enchanted armor that shines with golden light as it absorbs the souls of demons, Pandora has the capability to power up her physical abilities on the fly. She can augment her speed, jumping ability, healing, and even enchant her gleaming blade with flames.

Throughout the world are powerful magic subweapons that are fueled by Pandora’s regenerating mana. The most powerful of these subweapons are obtained by either finding them in hidden areas or defeating bosses. With a grand total of 19 unique subweapons, there is no shortage of ways to dispatch the demonic horde.

Draw your sword and extract Dire Vengeance!

Dire Vengeance is an old school platformer harking back to the classic console games of yesteryear.  Inspired by games like Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden and Gradius, Pandora travels through the lands of the Demon Realm, hacking and slashing her way through a bevy of monsters and ghouls.  Along the way she can power up her abilities and use her regenerating mana to fuel her quest.

About Magic Shot Games

Magic Shot Games is an indie game company formed by Karl Espiritu and Adam Seger, two childhood friends who first met in 2nd grade back in 1987. They have been playing games together ever since.

Karl Espiritu

Karl is the artistic lead and game designer for Magic Shot Games. Prior to forming Magic Shot he spent nearly a decade working in the video game industry, including as a freelance artist and a stint as a game artist at Zynga, where he worked on titles such as Chefville and Mafia Wars. Throughout his career, Karl had a vision of making a game the way he wanted; A gothic, 2D platformer with tight controls, amazing art and a retro feel. After deciding it was the right time to make his game, and teaming up with Adam, Dire Vengeance was born!

Adam Seger

Adam is the lead programmer for Magic Shot Games and has been a part of several other start ups. His background is in Electrical Engineering and he has worked on many projects outside of the video game industry, including developing a device to inject or remove material from single cells, measure the electrical signals generated by neurons, and working on novel technologies to detect the presence of biomarkers in blood. After talking with Karl about developing an old-school platformer that they would like to play, Adam decided it was time to move into the world of video games and he joined the Magic Shot team to help develop Dire Vengeance!

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  • 8 challenging bosses 
  • Upgradeable sword
  • 19 unique subweapons





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