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Far Cry Primal PS4 Bundle Coming to Europe, New Story Trailer Is All About Takkar


According to Playstation.Blog, a Far Cry Primal PS4 bundle is coming to Europe on February 23. The bundle will include 1TB jet black PS4 along with a DualShock 4 controller and a physical copy of the game.

In other Far Cry Primal news, Ubisoft brought out a new trailer, titled Takkar. “In the face of deadly predators and even deadlier foes, the hunter Takkar comes to Oros to help the Wenja people rise above extinction,” the description says.

Ubisoft adds:

“Up until this point, we’ve revealed glimpses of what Far Cry Primal’s narrative is about: a hunter named Takkar survives the massacre of his clan, and rebuilds the Wenja tribe by befriending dangerous animals and battling rival factions. In the latest trailer, however, we get a better look at the people and events surrounding Takkar, with a special focus on a scarred man who calls himself Ull and doesn’t seem especially friendly. The world that Takkar and Ull inhabit is filled with peril, and the trailer also offers a better look at brutal enemy warriors, hungry predators and one of Takkar’s more unique allies, a giant owl who spies on his enemies from above.”
To learn more about the characters and language of Far Cry Primal, check out the third behind the scenes trailer:

Far Cry Primal launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on February 23.

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