Custom Sega Saturn Shining Force III Saturn Up For Auction


M.A.L. CUSTOM CONSOLES                               
Sega Saturn Shining Force III Custom console # 2 from 2013 and was stripped and completely redone
This is my actual #2 shining force console i made in 2013. It was bought back and completely redone. The top image is new and the paint job as well. The front logo is the original and the bottom still has the original signature. New painted buttons and disk tray.I added a new controller with it as well.

The controller has BLue Blaze rubberized bottom and also the 2 bottom feet on the console are as well. The controller buttons and D pad are matte finish adds some grip but soft to the touch. oh and they all are buffed out with a 7 step process.Waxed with pure carnuba wax all natural.No synthetics!

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