A cat’s life. A new game will show you how it is like.


Videogames are about letting gamers live an expirience that would be impossible to replicate into the real world and I’m pretty sure that all of you will agree with this statment. In a videogame market saturated with FPS it is really refreshing to know that there are game developers that still think about gaming as an immersive new expirience that allow us to see the reality with different eyes… This is the premise behind HK project, a really unique adventure game where you will have to survive in a futuristic city in the role of a street cat. In the videogame world usually even when the main protagonist is an animal it is always umanized with tipical traits of a human being but, this time, HK project will challenge you to find original solutions that are daily routine for our pet friends in their everyday life. As an agile feline you will have to rethink about the enviroment that surrond you, keeping in mind that being small and very agile open up a lot of new opportunity to overcome obstacles. Not only HK project offers a really unique gameplay and storyline but also an excellent level of quality about game physics and visual art, with an astounding photorealistic graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4.

As probably you have already guessed behind such bold game there is of course a small team of indie developers and a couple of cats from France that in spite the modern videogame market trend, are willing to bring to gamers a new kind of adventure game that is ready to astound even who isn’t a fan of the genre at all.
Creativity is the fuel of indie developers that, combined with a powerful and more affordable technology, will for sure change deeply the videogame industry, allowing them to explore new dimensions of the electronic enterteinment realm that major companies have left untapped for too long, choosing to play safe and keep to propose sequels of their best selling titles. With new and fresh approaches the indie movement has become really popular, continuing to gain the favour of more and more videogames enthusiast.
HK project is still under development the moment I’m writing and if you are really curious to see more about this tiny gem you can already watch some screenshots on the website’s developer that show how wonderful and gourgeous this game is gonna be!

Pietro Galvagno
Founder of Top Arcade Machines Blog


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