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Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts – Free To Play Browser Game

Talesworth Adventure: The Lost Artifacts – Talesworth Kingdom has been overrun by Boneyard’s evil minions. You have been tasked to guide Questy, our brave (and dim-witted) hero, through 40 challenging levels in this unique puzzle adventure. Find all three ancient artifacts and discover the secret entrance to Boneyard’s lair! Play free games at Kongregate Instructions […]

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Marvelous Mortal Kombat Kosplay

Welcome to our Marvelous Mortal Kombat Kosplay gallery. Being a huge fan of Mortal Kombat, I’m really excited to put this post together. I’ve found many delightful MK images for this one. There are so many good ones its hard to pick my favorites. All of these MK Kosplay pics were found on the interweb. […]


Logitech sends Youtube’s “Gaming Grandma” free Gear

Who is the Gaming Grandma? Elderly Youtube sensation Shirley Curry received a care package today from hardware company Logitech, and boy does she deserve it. If you haven’t heard of this 80-year-old gaming icon – start watching her videos immediately. Not only is there the obvious appeal of seeing an 80-year-old lady chase around dragons in Skyrim, […]

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Build Your Dream RPG Store in “Shop Heroes” Free on Steam

Shop Heroes Become the ultimate shopkeeper by managing the best fantasy item shop across the Kingdom of Aragonia! Hire and train unique workers, craft hundreds of legendary items, gear up your heroes for battle, trade with your friends and work together to reach the top! The #1 spot in the rankings is always contested! Do […]

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Ninja Force – Free to Play Mobile Game

Ninja Force Defeat all opponents as you race to find the big boss. No-one can stand against you! Use your ninja skills to run across walls and leap massive games as you travel through shipping docks, slip through buildings and leap across the roof tops. Use your sword and shirukens to take down your enemies, […]

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Cuboy: Cubeture 2 – Free To Play Browser Game

Cuboy: Cubeture 2 – Cuboy®: Back to the Cubeture 2 kicks off with our ultimate hero Cuboy lost in ancient times. Boss is missing, Evil Padrino is taking over and the Lord of the Underworld has stolen the time-warper! Can Cuboy save the day? Will Padrino mess Time right up? Does it really matter? Is […]

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Know your PokémonGo Meme: Niantic Customer Service “r”

Have you heard people memeing about the Niantic Customer service “r”? Have YOU been joking yourself about the Niantic Customer service “r”? It’s time to meet the meme. This meme dates back to a post on r/PokemonGO in which user MistaWhiska posted the following email with the title “Niantic responded to my help ticket after 35 days.” […]

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Supercar Showdown – Free To Play Mobile Game

Supercar Showdown – Rev your engines and get ready to show off your supercars! This top-down racing game is packed full of fast cars, a variety of tracks, plenty of upgrades and loads of opportunities to prove you rule the race. The tracks become increasingly more challenging with danger walls, wrecking balls, laser targets and […]


Sega Genesis Complete Game List

Sega Genesis Complete Games List 3 Ninjas Kick Back 6 Pack (Columns, Golden Axe, Revenge of Shinobi, Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, Super Hang On) 688 Attack Sub A Aaahh Real Monsters Abrams Battle Tank Action 52 Addams Family, The Addams Family Values The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle and Friends Aero the Acro-bat […]


“Metal Gear Survive” Trailer & Screenshots

Metal Gear Survive is an upcoming co-op stealth-action survival game by Konami Digital Entertainment. It is the first Metal Gear game to be developed since Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami in late 2015, as well as the second Metal Gear-related project to be conducted since the same time period (the first being a pachislot adaptation […]

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“Last Stitch Goodnight” Has Been Fully Funded on Kickstarter

A side scrolling action adventure video game that embraces a new mythology. After surviving a near-death, out-of-body experience, you are kidnapped by a doctor who is experimenting on people who satisfy certain criteria. Escaping the doctor’s laboratory will require new weapons, new powers, and a strong stomach for facing science gone bad. Last Stitch Goodnight […]


Reincarnation: The Evil Next Door

Reincarnation: The Evil Next Door – This should give you a small dose of EVIL! Here is a mini Reincarnation to hold you over till the next larger one comes out. Sorry for such a long wait on the next one.   Play free games at Kongregate Instructions Point, click, collect, and kill!   Check […]