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Pirate Hunter – Free To Play Mobile Game

Pirate Hunter Join with the notorious Pirate Hunter as he dons his trusty sword, and sets sail on an adventure to the edge of the world, in a bid to rid the oceans of blood-thirsty pirates. Grapple your way aboard the pirate ships and defeat every last one who has ever said “Arrrggghhh, Matey!”. Play […]

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Raider: Episode 2 – Free To Play Browser Game

Raider: Episode 2 – Episode 2 in the Raider series; there’ll be five in total. The games are meant to be difficult platformers reminiscent of the NES/SNES days, with graphics to suit that. You don’t have loads of fancy overpowered abilities; just a simple blaster and a sword. Can you reach the end of the […]

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I Just Bowled A Turkey In “Turkey Bowl”

Turkey Bowl Are you looking for a fun Thanksgiving game to play for the Holiday? Well look no further. Turkey Bowl is a fun easy game that’s suitable for the whole family to enjoy. This free Thanksgiving browser game was brought to us by PrimaryGames. After your done enjoying this game, we recommend you browse […]

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Toad Trouble – Free To Play Browser Game

Toad Trouble – An action filled platform game. Use your tongue to swing through the levels and collect flies. Play free games at Kongregate Instructions Arrows or WASD to move, mouse to shoot tongue.   Check Out Our Trading Groups If you enjoy trading games, you might want to check out our many game trading […]

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Turkey Run – Free To Play Mobile Game

Turkey Run No way! You ain’t catching me this year! Help the Turkey escape his destiny and avoid becoming dinner. Happy Thanksgiving! Play Turkey Run Play Turkey Run / More Adventure games Check Out Our Trading Groups If you enjoy trading games, you might want to check out our many game trading groups. We’re not […]

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December Games with Gold Announced

Celebrate the Holidays with Four Free Titles Amongst the madness of their Black Friday Sale, Microsoft has announced their December Games with Gold titles. Players with an Xbox Live Gold subscription will receive Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition and Outlast for Xbox One, and Outland along with Burnout Paradise for the Xbox 360. Both titles for […]

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Justice League Dark Coming Early 2017

Justice League Dark DC has always been pretty dark, especially in comparison to Marvel. I’ve always appreciated DC’s dark twisted style, and am a huge fan of the Justice League. If you don’t know what Justice League Dark is, your in for a treat. They are a darker chapter of the Justice League that consist […]

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Xbox Deals with Gold, Spotlight Sale 11/22-11/28

Adding to the Savings Along with the ongoing Black Friday sale, Microsoft has announced their latest Deals with Gold and Spotlight sales. Fans of the undead can jump into the free roam survival game, Dead Island. The Definitive Collection, which includes the original title and the Riptide expansion, is available for $20. Summer of Arcade […]

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“Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate” Is A Beautiful Fanimated Short

Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate Time’s End II is the follow up to Theophany’s original remix album of Majora’s Mask, released in 2012. Building on the apocalyptic themes of Majora’s Mask, the new album explores Link’s journey through Woodfall and the southern swamps of Termina. The first album focused on Link’s struggle during the 3-day […]

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Rat Fishing – Free To Play Mobile Game

Rat Fishing Rat fishing is the new trend in a city overrun by the rodent infestation. Call out the pest control to strategically position some smelly cheese to lead them back to the gutters in this challenging brain provoking pest control game. Play Rat Fishing Play Rat Fishing / More Puzzle games Check Out Our […]

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The Bravest Hunter – Free To Play Browser Game

The Bravest Hunter is an action-brawler, turn-based RPG. Adventure through dozens of randomized dungeons to defeat the almighty scarecrow! Game Features: – 100 armorset ++ – customized avatar – 36 ally hunter available for hire – more than 50 mission to beat – beautiful animation movements – Epic Music Play free games at Kongregate Instructions […]