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VR Game Design | Not so far away

The Unreal engine is jumping on the VR train much faster than other places. The engine will soon release VR content creation tools with their software. While this may sound strange, imagine being able to use your hands and arms to pick up, arrange and move the contents of your game around. Epic Games’ Tim […]


Life is Strange | Limited Edition

Life is Strange was a phenomenon that reached through the world. Being told as one of the greatest games released at this time. With hours of game play released onto Youtube by players such as JackSepticEye. This game has taken the world by storm. Now the Life is Strange limited edition is available to the […]

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One things broken? Why not All of it

A Fallout fan had to destroy his $125 special edition vinyl soundtrack in order to secure a refund. According to Eurogamer, Paul Watson contacted Bethesda when he realised one of his four-disc Fallout 3 vinyl special edition soundtrack records arrived warped. Watson submitted a photograph to Bethesda of this warped record. They issued a $25.00 […]


DOOM Box Art

Where the story and idea behind the new DOOM do have us excited. With Bethesda working on it and recently coming to us with Fallout 4 we have really high hopes for the revival of this game. However, they released the cover for DOOM publicly yesterday and it brings a slight whisper of fear/hesitation for […]

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XCOM® 2 Launches Today On Steam

XCOM 2 is the sequel to the award-winning strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Twenty years have passed since humanity lost the war against the alien invaders and a new world order now exists on Earth. After years of lurking in the shadows, XCOM forces must rise and eliminate the alien occupation. XCOM 2 is […]

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Doom is Finally Coming | Release Date Announced

After much anticipation and disappointment in the Doom 3 and Doom movie release. Bethesda has finally announced the new Dooms release date, May 13th. Launching on PS4, XBox1 and PC simultaneously. Bethesda also announced the release of a “premium collector’s edition,” as well as bonuses for players who pre-order the game. The collectors edition will […]

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Mother 3 | Looking to the West

Based on Eurogamers rumor it sounds like Mother 3 is coming to America after a 10 year delay. Rumors are coming hot and heavy that Nintendo finally plans to release their iconic RPG in Europe and North America. The Mother series has a long and tangled history in North America, but has seen some of […]

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Rookery’s Retro Review: Outlaw (Atari 2600)

Overall Score: 4 (of 5), Shoot a friend old west style! Story: You are a gunslinger in a desert. Sometimes the desert has a cactus, wall, or stagecoach. Objects can be impenetrable, destoyable, stationary or mobile (except the cactus; a moving cactus would just be weird now, wouldn’t it?). All of these appear to be […]

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Hearthstone | Overhaul

Blizzard is overhauling Hearthstone, they are making some big changes to the core of the game. These changes include a fresh new format for the game as well as a much desired additional deck slots. Hearthstone multiplayer games will now be separated into two modes. Standard, which requires players to use decks build from cards […]

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Battalion 1944 | Coming Soon

Battalion 1944 has been announced for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Developed by Bulkhead Interactive, the goal of this game is to bring back the glory days of early COD and Medal of Honor. A world where skills are required and paid for content is not an end all be all of the genre. “We’re […]

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EA vs Ubisoft | The Trademark War

Ubisoft as filed an opposition against two trademark registrations made by EA. EA has filed to trademark “ghost”, Ubisoft sees this as possibly damaging and has filed the formal opposition on January 29. The filing was dug up by NeoGAF from an official listing on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. Essentially, Ubisoft […]