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Update: Not only was Smart Poke removed from the Play Store, but the creator’s Google account was terminated.  In addition, it seems like all apps of this nature are not scanning correctly. To top it all off, Niantic relased yet another update.  (BTW Articuno was real, and his release was an accident. The bird is back in its rightful place at Niantic’s Pokepen.) Good luck all!
Sorry Niantic, but it doesn’t seem like Pokemon Go fans are going to live without their Pokeradar.

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Is this the Pokemon Go Radar you’ve been looking for?

Smart Poke V2 is the Android-compatible app, and it seems more than capable of stepping into the oversized shoes of the recently-suspended Pokevision It’s available now on the Play Store.

The app works (for now) on Android phones and Android wear watches. Like PokéVision, Smart Poke displays the locations of pokémon on a map. Unlike PokeVision, this app also uses push notifications to tell users when Pokémon are available nearby. This feature is available without the app open.

Be cautious, as the creator of the app warns that the best practice is to use a fresh Pokemon trainer club account as the Smart Poke login. Note: this does not mean you must start PokemonGo with a fresh account, but rather that you should make a throwaway account with which to access the Smart Poke app. In that way, your Smart Poke usage is not linked to your main PokemonGo account

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Smart Poke displays nearby pokemon in the form of push notifications.

Smart Poke is NOT coming to iPhone, as the creator has said he does not develop for IOS However, this desktop app is capable of beaming data to any phone. It requires a little setup, but if you really want a Pokevision desktop map, then this is the undisputed king.

Happy hunting – and follow the journey of Smart Poke here

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