The Most Beautiful Custom Super Mario 2 Themed NES Ever!


Custom Super Mario 2 NES

Today I’m featuring a very special custom piece of underground gaming artwork by MAL Custom Consoles. If you browse our Art category you’ll find many post I’ve done featuring Mark A. Liptak’s marvelous masterpieces. Its a tough call, but this maybe my favorite of all I featured. Many of MAL’s custom systems are for sale or made by order. Sorry folks, this amazing work of art belongs to proud owner Justin Rocco. I’m sure it would take a pretty hefty offer to get him to come off of this one of a kind treasure. For those of us that are to poor to make an offer on this gem, lets just window shop and gaze at the wonders of its glory!!!

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Most of MAL’s custom consoles that aren’t pre-ordered can be purchased for a reasonable price. But you have to catch them quick, they usually don’t last long. Most can be found on Ebay, but the best place to keep track is on M.A.L. Custom Consoles Facebook page.
























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And look for many more of GT USA’s Featured MAL ART posts to come…

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