Who Are The Banana Republic Assholes?


(Caution: Rated R Funny Stuff Ahead)

Hello guys!

We are Banana Republic Assholes! In short BRA.

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But who we really are?

We are two gamers from Czech republic (right in the heart of Europe), and after many long, long years of wasting our time in front of our pc screens watching youtube videos, we decided to try it ourselves.

We make videos about all kinds of games, montages, play-troughs but also gaming ASMR videos (we know that our subscribers also need to relax after all these hours of playing). And we try to include our special sense of humor in our work.

SO WHY should you subscribe to our channel?
If you like video games, and also have a quality sense of humor, you definitely should.

As I said, various types of videos are waiting for you every week, and now, we also have a cat in our team. So all the cat lovers are welcome.

ASMR- Game themed asmr videos with our lovey dovey Pyrit. Scratching, tapping, plastic sounds but also basic information about games included, game reviews and unboxings. If you don’t know what asmr is, than let me explain. It‘s a special kind of videos where there are no loud noises. People are usually whispering, or there’s no talking at all and these kind of videos. They have a relaxing impact on some people.


Manly Man- Series focused on ‘‘manly games‘‘ played by a real Man. What can I say, he’s no pussy, he likes boobs, beer, meat, knives and good video-games.


Let’s shit our pants- Scary games played by scared to death Pyrit. She hates horror movies from the bottom of her heart, and she sleeps with her lights on and now. She decided to face her fear and play some scary ass games.


Top Ten- Did you ever wondered who are the hottest babes in video games? Let’s have a look at this magnificently important issue with Lara Croft.


Must Play- What are the games you definitely must play? We’re going to tell you in our Must play series. From older games to the latest, we are playing it all, and we are going to tell you which games are really worth it.


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About Phil Williams

Founder & President of GameTraders USA.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
-Dr. Seuss

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