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Rookery’s Retro Review: Time Pilot (Atari 2600)

Overall Score: 4 (of 5), shoot planes to travel through time! Story: Caught in a timewarp, you find yourself in 1910.  To earn your wings, you must destroy a number of fighters to advance to the next age. Next jump 1940, then 1970, followed by 1983 (the modern age?), and the future which is 2001! […]

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Rookery’s Retro Review: Fast Food (Atari 2600)

Overall Score: 5 (of 5), eat everything thrown at you! (except eggplant) Story:  As a disembodied mouth floating through the darkness, you have but one mission: eat delicious food flying fast for points.  Pizza, burgers, soda, icecream, take a tip from Wierd Al and just eat it.  Finish the level to be given the honorary […]

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Rookery’s Retro Review: Trojan (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Overall Score: 4 (of 5), medieval swordsmanship in the urban future! Story: With fiery red hair, blue armor, a sword & shield, you’re tasked with taking down mobs of mace-wielding thugs, pesky ranged fighters, bizarre lieutenants, and a powerful king  named Achilles in this NES classic: Trojan. Given the Greek names, perhaps the setting is […]

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Rookery’s Retro Review: Fishing Derby (Atari 2600)

Overall Score: 5 (of 5), tag more fish than your fishing buddy! Story:  It’s Saturday at 5 a.m., the sun is just about to peek up from the horizon and you get your fishing buddy on the phone.  “Jimbo!  The weather is perfect today.  Get yer hiney up man, we need to do some fishing!”  […]

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Rookery’s Retro Review: Double Dragon (Arcade)

Overall Score: 5 (of 5), cooperative beat ’em up worth every quarter. Story: In a city that’s not Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, a street gang approaches a girl, punches her square in the gut, then carries her off. What?  That’s pretty screwed up!  Fortunately, our heroes emerge too late to do much about it from a […]

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Rookery’s Retro Review: T.G.I.F. (Commodore 64)

Overall Score: 5 (of 5), a fun party game for up to four players of all ages Story:  Your goal is to reach a cash amount before your competitors.  The only thing that stands between you, other players and a CPU player is a calendar.  Dates blink around on the monthly calendar until you stop […]

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Rookery’s Retro Review: Outlaw (Atari 2600)

Overall Score: 4 (of 5), Shoot a friend old west style! Story: You are a gunslinger in a desert. Sometimes the desert has a cactus, wall, or stagecoach. Objects can be impenetrable, destoyable, stationary or mobile (except the cactus; a moving cactus would just be weird now, wouldn’t it?). All of these appear to be […]

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Rookery’s Retro Review: Mobile Light Force (Playstation 1)

  Overall Score: 4 (of 5), Couch Co-op to fill the screen with verticle shooter-ness! Story: From the front cover, looks like Charlie’s Angels have a job to wear leather, sprint, and fire ballistic weapons at mechas. From the back, more like a more modernized Xevious. Hmm…so, which is it? Case says “keep your enemies […]