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Today In Gaming | 1/22/16

Today’s Game Releases Steam  Rivalry Rivalry is a hotseat game where two players take turns moving their rag-doll character’s limbs and weapons until one is victorious. While the beginning stages of each game captures the strategic essence of swordplay, as damage and limbs are taken, the endgame turns rather Pythonesque. Sven Co-op  Sven Co-op is […]


Republique Releasing to PS4

According to the PS Blog, Camouflaj confirmed the game will be available digitally and physically at retailers. The PS4 version will include original and new outfits for the game’s protagonist Hope, including a PS4 exclusive outfit based on Gravity Rush. This is to be released on March 22 for the PlayStation4. Along with this announcement […]


Today In Gaming | New Releases Only

Good morning folks, today we are doing just the new releases because there are some that I really feel everyone should see! New Release Steam Dinocide Dinocide is a classic NES inspired old-school single-player platformer in a prehistoric fantasy world. Dinocide tries to capture the drive and fun of that era and recreate it in […]

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Blade & Soul | Ready to Play?

As of the 19th the NCSoft Martial Arts MMO has been released. This launch was well worth waiting for and the game itself is starting off on a good foot. I have a couple hours of game play in this game as of now and can say I am super excited to get lossed in […]


Layers of Fear | You are not ready

Layers of Fear is currently in Early Access on PC as well as Preview on Xbox One. Today the studio, Bloober Team, announced that not only is the game coming to PS4 but the game will release in full next month. A new partnership was announced today between Bloober Team and Aspyr Media. “As soon […]

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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc | Steam Release

Spike Chunsoft has announced, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is making its way to Steam in February. The studio confirmed the game’s PC release with an announcement trailer. According to Trigger Happy Havoc’s Steam listing, those who purchase the game early will receive its original soundtrack as a bonus. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is the first […]


Today In Gaming | 1/18/16

New Releases Steam Zombie Hunter, Inc. In Zombie Hunter, Inc., you play as a zombie hunter-for-hire who rescues stranded survivors — for a reasonable fee, of course. Protecting the survivors from zombies is important, but there’s more than just the undead lurking the streets of Washington, DC. Cyber Team Manager Do you ever dreamed of […]


Today in Gaming History | 1/16/16

Nothing new on the market today, so here’s a list of some games that released this day in years past. Historical Releases 2015 Echoes+ – Steam release – Windows version released. (Worldwide) Echoes+ – Steam release – Macintosh version released. (Worldwide) 2014 Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest – NES version (Virtual Console) – Wii U version […]

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Pokken Tournament |Western Release Announced

The launch date for Bandai Namco’s upcoming fighter was revealed in a post on the official Pokemon Twitter account, confirming it will be available in the west the very same day arrives for Wii U in Japan, March 18, 2016   #PokkenTournament is coming to Wii U on March 18, 2016! https://t.co/1nHSo9xgu7 pic.twitter.com/2u6G2679qI — Pokémon (@Pokemon) […]


Today In Gaming | 1/15/16

Today is a good day to be a gamer, so many new releases that we are looking forward to. Lets get started with the new Steam Games. New Releases Steam Chef Solitaire: USA Open your very own diner and make it a scrumptious success. Enjoy solitaire to your heart’s content, bring your hamburger baking skills […]

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GameJolt | The Right Ideas on Indie

The new revolution on indie game development came in a shape that no one expected. The masterful Scott Cawthon created a game called Five Nights at Freddys. This game became an instant sensation. Creating a story behind the scenes that spanned through multiple generations. The story of Scott and how he was a regular Joe […]


In Loving Memory | Alan Rickman

Today in place of a “Today in Gaming” we will be doing a tribute to an amazing actor, humanitarian and man. Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman born February 21, 1946 Rickman was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company performing in both modern and classical theatre productions. His big break was his role as the Vicomte […]