Hello im Sophie, 25 years old, living in germany --- i love to play RPG's (mainly Final Fantasy and similars) --- Music: Metal (oldschool stuff like iron maiden, metallica, megadeth) (but also other things, including a bit of death/trash metal (pantera/behemoth etc)) - Techno (Ellie Goulding, random dubstep, game-ost-remixes) - Soundtracks - Pop (as long as it sounds good lol) ---- PSN - SophieKitty --- Games - Final Fantasy (played through every single one of them, including the main story of FF14) - Zelda (is a really symbolic title for me, its perfect) - Monster Hunter - Toukiden Kiwami - Diablo 3 - GTA (online mainly only) - Payday 2 --- ill write more later

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Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Review

This is a review for the game Total Annihilation: Kingdoms. I know it’s a very old game but its very unique! It’s a strategic game which DOES NOT use gold/wood or similar resources, but instead it uses “mana”. I know some of you would say “it’s the same, just a different name for the resource”, […]