A cat’s life. A new game will show you how it is like.

Videogames are about letting gamers live an expirience that would be impossible to replicate into the real world and I’m pretty sure that all of you will agree with this statment. In a videogame market saturated with FPS it is really refreshing to know that there are game developers that still think about gaming as […]


Arcade Custom boosts with Raspberry Pi 3

Custom Arcade machines have been around for a while and some great projects were created so far and they have nothing to envy to main industry productions! That was surely possible thanks to more and more affordable and powerful hardware such as Raspberry pi micro computers and today has been released the third version of this wonderful device! […]


The future of arcade: Dark Escape 4d

In my last article I mentioned an arcade title that is rivitalizing the arcade games market with its immersive and unique gameplay, Dark Escape 4d, and today I’m going to explain in details why gamers! The only fact that a developer such as Bandai/Namco is behind this project should be enough to convince you that Dark Escape […]

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The return of Arcade

Since the rise of home gaming systems seemed that the decline of arcade was inevitable. The 80’s were the best decade for Arcades and those days have been forgotten for good… But that’s not the end of the story and the one I’m going to tell you has a happy ending too. During the last […]