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Amazon has jumped into the game creation world by releasing their completely free “Lumberyard” game development. This platform allows for creation for PC and Console with no setup or royalty fees. Fees come in only, as Lumberyard’s official page notes, if the game takes advantage of the engine’s integration with Amazon Web Services for multiplayer.

While the engine is based on CryEngine, which was licenced by Amazon a year ago. The Engine itself does not only bank on CryEngine software. As a matter of fact Eric Schenk Amazon’s general manager stated the engine “goes it’s own direction” and that the engine already has components not utilizing the CryEngine defaults.


One of the biggest things behind this. Is if the engine is as good as it states and looks in the screen shots displayed on the site. This software being free and being as clean and good looking as CryEngine, is a huge plus. Unity, Unreal Engine 4, or even CryEngine itself, for example, all of them come with either a license fee or a royalty fee.


Lumberyard, currently in beta, can be downloaded here.


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  • Phil Williams II

    Looks pretty legit. Are you gonna try it out?