Tacoma | Delayed Release



The Fullbright Co. has pushed the release of their adventure game “Tacoma” back to some time in 2017.

The developer, who’s previous work includes “Gone Home” has explained on their companies blog that they have some changes to make after receiving some feedback on the early Tacoma build.

“… After we did our big unveiling last summer, we sent out a play test build to a bunch of fellow developers we trust, took a long hard look at their feedback and our own feelings on where we were at, and decided to re-examine and rework a number of the core assumptions we’d held about the game,” Fullbright said.

“How would gravity really work on a deep-space facility like Tacoma? What are we trying to say about the function and implications of augmented reality — and how does the player interact meaningfully with the story content in the game, in a fundamentally different way than anything we’ve worked on before?”

With these questions Fullbright decided to extend by 6 months on their orriginal release date. They want to work out the bugs and release a fully built and developed game.

As a gamer in today’s market it is nice to see that they are working to add good physics and mechanics to the game. I am willing to wait to get a complete game with good mechanics over a half done game and 100 patches to fix it.

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