DOOM Box Art



Where the story and idea behind the new DOOM do have us excited. With Bethesda working on it and recently coming to us with Fallout 4 we have really high hopes for the revival of this game.

However, they released the cover for DOOM publicly yesterday and it brings a slight whisper of fear/hesitation for the franchise. Unlike the concept art used previously and used as the image for this page. The cover that was released looks like every bad space marine remake since the original DOOM character stepped onto Mars.


From the drab space marine to the piss-yellow background, everything about the new Doom’s cover feels kinda cookie-cutter.

This is a cookie cutter cover that literally fits almost any title and game that you will see on the market.


We were hoping that with this game getting the hype it has been they would put a little more effort into this cover. to catch your eye and get you to purchase this game. But alas they gave us this instead.

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