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Jessie Noochies Cosplays Lara Croft

From Jessie Noochies Webpage – As I cosplaying as ‘First Blood Lara Croft’ from the Tomb Raider 2013 video game, this will really be my very first ‘true cosplay’ where I make the costume virtually from scratch. I felt that it was vital that I did some research in to existing incarnations of this Lara […]

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Today in Gaming – 11/29/15

Games Releasing Today Nothing interesting. This Day in Gaming History 2004 – Final Fantasy 1 & 2: Dawn of Souls – GBA 2005 – PoPoLocrois – PSP 2006 – GunZ the Duel – PC 2007 – rFactor – PC 2010 – Cave Story – NDS 2010 – Golden Sun: Dark Dawn – NDS 2011 – […]

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Today in Gaming – 11/28/2015

Games Releasing Today No games releasing again today! Isn’t it almost X-mas? This Day in Gaming History 1994 – knights of Xentar – PC 2000 – Breath of Fire IV – PS1 2001 – Monster Rancher Advanced – GBA 2002 – 007: NightFire – PC 2002 – Space Channel 5 Part 2 – PS2 2005 […]


WildStar | A Step Above

WildStar development started in 2005, after 17 former members of Blizzard Entertainment founded Carbine Studios. At the time, the seventeen former members of Blizzard Entertainment had a desire to “do anything but World of Warcraft “In fact, most were excited and overjoyed to try and start over, this time, not making the same mistakes that […]

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Devilian Coming Next Week

You are the last vanguard of Nala, a half-devil hero fighting to save your world from a fallen god. Sign up for Beta (dec 2nd) and join thousands of players in this vast, persistent-world action RPG. Spread your wings, sharpen your steel, and unleash the devil within! Unleash the Devil Within Join the fray as […]

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Zelda U | But Why?

Nintendo announced back in 2013 their expansion to the Zelda universe was in the works for the Wii U. With a confirmed release date of 2015 or at least and update to E3 2015. That day has now come and gone and Nintendo stated that the game was not on in a “ready status” so […]

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Fallout 4 |The crap behind the craft

Fallout has trained us in recent games that junk is junk and sell it out or it slows you down. This of course was an exception in Fallout 3 when you got the Rock-It Launcher and used it as ammo. However, Fallout 4 has introduced the crafting mechanism which allows you to modify your weapons, […]

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Rick Boer – King Of The Snake Cosplay

King of Metal Gear Cosplay – Rick Boer While browsing cosplay pics on the interweb today, I couldn’t help but notice an abundance of Rick Boer’s Cosplay pics. It appears that Kotaku heavily supports this cosplayer for good reason. Because he does an uncanny Snake. Here is just a sample of some of Rick’s pic’s. […]